Our Mission

Chained with Them partners with anti-human trafficking organizations who have allied themselves with law enforcement, rehabilitation experts, and more. We are committed to helping you say “no more” to sex slavery through your donation and connection to our partners.

Our Story

After hearing the testimonies of survivors of a small refuge center in the Philippines, Irelyn felt compelled to make a difference by advocating against human trafficking. Irelyn got connected to a small nonprofit (Fund the Nations) and started selling shirts to help raise awareness and funds.

The work Irelyn was doing sparked Natalee’s help to eradicate human trafficking. Their passion united them, and Chained with Them was founded in 2016.

Chained with Them is an organization run by four women (Irelyn, Natalee, Amanda and Sarah) all in their early and mid 20s who have been stirred to take action to end human trafficking. They understand that there are countless organizations who have already taken necessary steps to end sex slavery, and they felt compelled to jump in and support them. They are set out to empower organizations like It's Not OK and Rescue Freedom by bringing exposure to their mission. Through this, women and children are rescued and perpetrators are brought to justice.

Organizations we support

For women and children who have a safe home to return to after their rescue, restoration centers offer education, vocational training, and counseling during the day. With these resources, survivors can heal, provide for themselves, and begin a new life free from slavery.

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Since 2008, when IT'S NOT OK (INO) opened the doors of the SHE Rescue Home, they have been fighting against the reality of human trafficking. They've grown to become many Projects fighting to see lives restored and the reality of human trafficking, injustice, & cycles of poverty end in our lifetime.

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Our Team

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Irelyn Callaghan

CEO & Creative Director

Hello, I am Irelyn! I grew up in a small town called Stanwood Washington, home of the best honey crisp apples and fresh evergreen trees. Currently I am a student at Northwest University studying Elementary Education, with an endorsement in Special Education. 

My passion for wanting to fight against human trafficking came from a short-term mission’s trip I attended when I was sixteen years old in the Philippines. Prior to this, I had no knowledge of what human trafficking was. The testimonies from countless survivors stirred a passion in me to eradicate sex slavery.

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Natalee Pospical

Co-Founder & Operations Manager

Hi, I am Natalee! I am from Arlington Washington.

I have the honor of being a stay at home mom to my two beautiful children—Anslee and Jonah. I also am blessed to be the wife to my incredible husband, Matthew.

I became interested in the fight against human trafficking when Irelyn came back from a mission’s trip and started raising money for organizations who rescue woman and children out of sex trafficking. I met with her to hear more about her trip and what she was doing, and together we started Chained with Them. We were shocked by the amount of people who were interested in what we were doing. The support of friends, family and even strangers grew my passion to help fight against human trafficking even more.

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Amanda Westmoreland

Business Development

Hello, I am Amanda, I am from Highlands Ranch, CO, 20 minutes south of Denver.

I went to school at Northwest University in Kirkland, WA where I played volleyball and majored in Organizational Communication.

Now I am a newly-wed to my amazing husband, Brody, who is living in Las Vegas and working for a non-profit in the jewelry industry.

About three years ago I heard a message from Rescue: Freedom International at Northwest and was instantly fired up about doing something to help eradicate sex slavery and thought “How could I know about this epidemic, but do nothing?” I went to my next class and created an entire business proposal. I met Irelyn through the college group at Reach Church, and we instantly clicked and knew God had introduced us for a reason—to rebrand and launch Chained with Them!

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Sarah Gray

Media Director

Hi, I am Sarah, I grew up in Arlington Washington and am the owner of Gray Mountain Photography. For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion to help others but the drive specifically to help fight against human trafficking after spending a month in the Philippines we ended our trip by spending time with the women at a refuge center.

After a few days with these women, it really brought the issue on my heart to make a difference in the lives of those affected. They say a picture can be worth a thousand words, so I decided to take my passion for social justice and photography to help eradicate sex slavery.

I am slowly attempting to make everything in my closet fair trade, local, organic or economically conscious.

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